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Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience

Opportunities for Study


Jonathan Edwards' Study

Staff & Postgraduate Students are currently working on the following areas:

Staff Research Interests

  • Australian evangelical history.
  • Jesus in Australian literature and history
  • Religion and disaster
  • Christianity and Politics
  • Christians and War
  • History of Evangelicalism
  • History of Spirituality

Postgraduate Research Students are studying:

  • The doctrine of the Trinity in Augustine and Edwards
  • Holiness in the Christian Tradition
  • Typology in the Fathers and in Edwards
  • Religious Revival in Australian History
  • Towards the development of a Christian Museum
  • Evangelicalism from Clapham to Bloomsbury
  • Melbourne Evangelicalism in the Victorian Age
  • The development of Christian Ministry in Rural Australia
  • Student Christian Work in Sydney University
  • The 'Sensus Divinitatis' in Christian Theology
  • History of the Anglican Schools Corporation
  • Politics in the Diocese of Sydney
  • Healing ministries in Australia
  • American Prophetic Leaders
  • Preaching in Chrysostom and Calvin
  • Samuel Marsden's sermons
  • Education and the Anglican Church
  • The English Reformation