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Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience

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M Hutchinson & E Campion (eds)
Re-Visioning Australian Colonial Christianity: New Essays in the Australian Christian Experience, 1788-1900
Studies in Australian Christianity, CSAC, Sydney, vol.1, 1994
M Hutchinson & E Campion (eds)Long, Patient Struggle: Studies in the Role of Women in Australian Christianity
Studies in Australian Christianity, CSAC, Sydney, vol.2, 1994
M Hutchinson & S Piggin (eds)
Reviving Australia: Essays on the History and Experience of Revival and Revivalism in Australian Christianity
Studies in Australian Christianity, CSAC, Sydney, vol.3, 1994
Paul Robertson
Proclaiming 'Unsearchable Riches': Newcastle's Minority Evangelical Anglicans
Monographs in Australian Christianity no.1, CSAC, Sydney, 1996
I. Lambert and S Mitchell (eds)
Reclaiming the Future: Australian Perspectives on Christian Schooling
CSAC, Sydney, 1996
Lance Shilton
Speaking Out: A Life in Urban Mission, The Autobiography of Lance R. Shilton
CSAC, Sydney, 1997
G. Treloar (ed)
The 'Furtherance of Religious Beliefs': Essays in the History of Theological Education in Australia
CSAC, Sydney, 1997
Darrell Paproth
Failure is Not Final: A Life of C.H. Nash
CSAC, Sydney, 1997
I. Lambert and S. Mitchell (eds)
The Crumbling Walls of Certainty: Towards a Christian Critique of Post-Modernism and Education
CSAC, Sydney, 1997
Margaret & Don Douglass
We're Here Now, So Make the Best of it
CSAC, Sydney, 1998
M. Hutchinson & G. Treloar (eds)
This Gospel Shall Be Preached: Essays on the Australian Contribution to World Mission
CSAC, Sydney, 1998
Doug Blomberg & Ian Lambert (eds)
Reminding: Renewing the Mind in Learning
CSAC, Sydney, 1998
Malcolm Prentis
Science, Race and Faith: A Life of John Matthew
CSAC, Sydney, 1998
M. Hutchinson & O. Kalu (eds)
A Global Faith: Essays on Evangelicalism and Globalization
CSAC, Sydney, 1998
Stuart Piggin
Faith of Steel: A History of Christian Churches in Illawarra, Australia
University of Wollongong, Wollongong, 1984
Stuart Piggin
Spirit of a Nation: The Story of Australia's Christian Heritage
Sydney: Strand Publishing, 2004
Stuart Piggin
Firestorm of the Lord: The History of and Prospects for Revival in the Church and the World
Paternoster, Exeter, 2000
Margaret Lamb
Going it Alone: A Life of Mary Andrews
Aquila, Sydney, 1996
Robert D Linder
The Long Tragedy: Australian Evangelical Christians and the Great War
Open Book, Adelaide, 2000, Sydney, 1996
Geoffrey R Treloar and Robert D. Linder (eds)
Making History for God: Essays on Evangelicalism, Revival and Mission, in Honour of Stuart Piggin, Master of Robert Menzies College, 1990-2004
Robert Menzies College, 2004